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Frequently Asked Questions

How much will I have to pay?

My fee is 60 for an initial consultation and 50-60 for ongoing once-weekly work.

For more frequent sessions per week, the fee is negotiable.

I also keep some low-cost places for the unwagedfull-time students or those on very low incomes. There may be a wait for such a place to become free. Times for low cost sessions are usually during the day.

How long will the therapy last?

Time limited work would normally be 10 to 16 sessions.

Ongoing work is open-ended and will last for varying lengths of time.

The initial consultation is an important opportunity to explore what is needed with regard to the length of time the therapy will last.

Can you help me if I am not sure what is best for me?

Yes, one of the main purpose of the initial consultation is to explore in depth, the nature of your difficulties and together, formulate a recommendation for what is the best way forward. This could involve recommending other types of therapy or support.

Many people start their therapy once weekly and then, if it is felt necessary and useful, they can increase the weekly frequency.

There is also the possibility of working face to face or using the couch to lie down.
Sometimes people move between the two at different times of the work.

Can I complain?

The Foundation for Psychotherapy and Counselling (FPC) is the professional organisation of which I am a member. They have a formal complaints procedure which can be easily accessed. I am bound by their code of ethics.

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